"Have You Cleaned Your Air-Ducts This Year?"

Signs Your System Needs Cleaning

    • Do certain rooms in your home have different heating/cooling properties?Do you have to dust frequently or even every day?
    • Do you have stale, musty smelling air or other odors in your home?
    • Do you have frequent or unexplained respiratory problems?
    • Do you notice dust and debris buildup on the edges of your carpets or floors?
    • Do you have signs of rodents? Rodents urinate everywhere they go. When their urine dries the proteins become airborne and will be carried through the house via the air ducts.
    • When you turn on your heater at the beginning of the winter season, do you smell dust?
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Stay away from the "too good to be true" air duct cleaning offers.
Our prices are pre-printed on the service agreements. Why is this important? We do not try to up-sell or change the price.


Southside: Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Norfolk and surrounding areas
Peninsula: Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg and surrounding areas

Mr. Clean Duct is a division of the "iFind Solutions Group". We understand your family and home are your top concern and we will do everything we can to offer you the best service for the best price and clean up like we were never there before we leave. 
Southside and Peninsula
Free Air-Duct Inspections. Improve the quality of the air you breath by having your ducts cleaned today. Although we can not make a claim as to any health related issues, we can state that by having your air ducts cleaned you will reduce allergens that may cause illness. Every technician has been trained to listen to your concern first before recommending and services.
Important: Stay away from the "too good to be true" air duct cleaning offers!!!
Our prices are pre-printed on our service agreements. Why is this important? Our goal is not to "up-sell" you. We offer a great service at a fair price with no haggle or up sell gimmicks.
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